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Virtual Management Consulting for Trade Facilitation

Inlight of COVID-19, EMG Consulting is expanding its digital support through virtual platforms.

Company Profile

EMG provides advisory services for public institutions and private sector companies to facilitate trade between the fastest growing economy in Africa and its global partners.

Linking international expertise in logistics, English business communication, employee training and development, HR Services, healthcare solutions, ICT platforms, and Project Management through digital platforms. create tailor-make solutions together with our customers.


To build educational bridges between the Horn of Africa, and the rest of the world—we connect companies, ideas, projects as well as people and offer them a bridge to develop their potential. With our value-added services, we aim to reduce time cost and risk.

By 2030, we aspire to be the leading Ethiopian management consulting company delivering solutions for Africa and to companies worldwide. Using our unique networks and hands-on approach, we create tailor-make solutions together with our customers.


The EMG team prides itself on offering sound learning solutions for business and education sectors in Ethiopia. Our unique multi-disciplinary approach gives us unique capabilities to arrive at sound solutions. Identifying challenges and finding solutions is what we do.

No matter whether we identify key markets for you or implement your local strategy: Our services are highly geared to your individual requirements. One factor however, remains constant: EMG reduces costs, time, and risks when growing your business in Africa, and ensures success.

From the Founder

Education, technology, and business go hand in hand. By assessing the needs of educational institutes and providing a viable….Read Full Article

we deliver high quality with best practices.

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Training Services and Solutions
Educational Institute Support
ICT Support
Career Development
Events Management

EMG and Kühne Foundation Joint  Educational Project  Milestones in Ethiopia

LSCM Post and Under Graduate

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